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The next time you're planning an executive portrait for a corporation or professional firm, we can help.

You'll want photos of your people that reflect the successful, upscale look of your organization.

What if you’re a small and growing firm? Isn’t looking successful in your business portrait even more important for you? That’s what we do.

We make you look successful and trust-worthy. Giant professional firms and small one-man companies. We'll provide the careful work you deserve, the high-quality business portrait you need for effective marketing and public relations. And in the day of trust marketing, our portraits will add professional image your website needs.

black-and-white professional portrait John Manning ChicagoHow do we make you look successful while at the same time making the process pleasant for all involved? We do it by getting everything right and by sweating the details so you don’t have to.

If you’re the administrator who hires us, you can rest assured we’ll make you look good. One of our large clients, for example, is an international law firm which has been with us for 20 years with four different administrators during that period. Whenever they encounter a problem, we solve it.

When you need special scheduling, we arrange it. If you lose an image from five years ago, we find it. If one of your people doesn’t like something about her portrait, we fix it. If you need special kinds of files for the home office, we sort through the techno-babble and get them just what they need. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.CEO location portait Executive Portraits Chicago

If you’re the subject we’re going to shoot, we’ll make the process painless. In fact many or our subjects were surprised how easy we made it and have told us so.

We’ll accept your input and share our 26 years of experience. We’ll give you plenty of photos to choose from for your professional portrait, and then we’ll retouch it for a successful, upscale look, giving you as much or as little retouching as you prefer. The finished image will look worthy of appearing in a top national magazine

When you get your final images, after you approve the retouched proof, you'll get hi-res color & black-and-white, low-res color & black-and-white, a version for Linked In, and more.

We use all our skills to make you look successful, at the top of your game, a leader in your field. And the way we do it, business portraits are fun!

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