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Studio Headshots for Corporate & Professional Use

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180 N. LaSalle St.

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executive portrait
employee business headshot
Scarlett corporate studio headshot with composited office background
Scarlett corporate studio portrait with composited office background
Professional headshot of partner in law firm
professional portrait for lawyer
corporate headshot
Professional headshot for lawyer
European corporate executive headshot

•  Shoot in our studio at 180 N. LaSalle or in your offices

•  Only $175 for studio headshots and $250 for location headshots

•  Big discounts for more than one person

•  Includes as many poses as you like

•  Includes extra looks – Bring an extra outfit if you like

•  Custom retouching for the image of your choice included –The best retouching in town

•  15-min. sessions if you’re in a hurry

•  Same-day service when neede

•  Since 1987 – BBB of Chicago accredited

•  Strong, upscale look!

Don’t let a weak headshot ruin your professional image!

Do this quick experiment. Open any random website and look at the team or management photos. Do you see pleasant, attractive expressions and body language? Or do you see poor body language (maybe crossed arms), unfriendly looks, poor grooming, ill-fitting wardrobe (lumpy shoulder pads), etc.?

Would you like to work for that person? Have him work for you? Do business with him? Do you feel their headshots draw you in or push you away? Sadly, many times the headshots are counter-productive. Then ask yourself, do you want that kind of headshot as the premiere element of your personal and company’s brand?

Would you like the headshot on your website to make you look successful and friendly? Do you understand its importance to your personal brand and professional image? Our studio headshots will make it happen.

I’ve shot many thousands of professionals and executives and have learned how to craft headshots that do the job. The ingredients are custom shooting, custom expert retouching, and an understanding of the professional and corporate aesthetic that is lacking in photographers who mainly shoot weddings and family portraits. Look at many of the headshots you’ll find on the web. Look at the backgrounds, lighting, camera angles, cropping, etc. and you’ll see what I mean.

• Convenient studio location at 180 N. LaSalle.

• Fast, easy, a relatively painless. In and out in less than 30 min.

• Same-day shooting & retouching when needed. No extra charge.

• No charge for extra looks. Bring in an extra outfit if you like.

Private proof gallery will be online in about 30 min.

• Only $175 complete, including custom retouching.


You can do one or two looks and as many poses as needed. The image of your choice will be fully retouched to your satisfaction. And in most cases, studio headshots can be ready the same day without any additional charges. You’ll get an upscale look that enhances your branding and professional image.

We’ve done this kind of work since 1987 for some of the top corporations and professional firms in the country. We provide careful attention to detail and responsiveness to your needs or the requirements of your employer. Many clients over the years have told us that the process was pleasant and easier than anticipated. Many have told us it was fun!  And the process of shooting and retouching is completely customized to your needs.

Custom Shooting

Some of the executives and professionals we work with have definite preferences regarding the look of the shot. Or maybe the firm they work for has branding guidelines they want followed. No problem. Our shooting is completely customized to your needs. You can even do two different looks if you like.

You can furnish sample images or a description of the look you’re seeking. If you’re not sure, we can help you find a style you like. Having a distinctive look is very important for your branding and marketing. There’s an article on our blog pointing out some things to help you use your headshot in your branding. And you can see from some of the samples I posted on this page, some of the variations in style that can be used to make your headshot distinctive rather than generic.

John did a great job executing professional head shots for me. He took the time to understand my motivation for having the photos, and how I planned on using them. He was quick and efficient, and provided multiple formats of the finished product to use in different circumstances, whether they would be for website, print, etc. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs professional head shots for their business or personal needs.
Chip Whalen

What’s possible in a small studio?

You would be surprised! Many of the business and professional studio headshots I do are composites. That means they are composed of more than one image. Suppose you want a blurred office background instead of a plain studio background. Or maybe you want it both ways. No problem. No extra charge. I’ll take a shot of an office and strip it in behind your image. You’ll see some shots where this was done on this page. All these images were shot in front of a plain background in a studio setting.

Then there are different types of lighting, composition, cropping, color treatment, etc. We can probably do whatever you want. And if you’re not sure what you want, we’ll guide you. But what is most important in every case is that your image look strong and the look appropriate to you and your work. Your image might not be everything, but it is extremely important to your career.

John has done corp. executive portraits for my company. The lighting, positioning of the participant, and final shots were amazing. Image is everything and John is the consummate professional.
Douglas Jacoby

What is custom retouching?

If you look carefully at the headshots you find on the web, you’ll notice that many are not retouched  enough or that the retouching is not done well. Ties don’t come up high enough, shoulders are lumpy, jackets don’t close, shirts are wrinkled, major blemishes and stray hairs are not fixed, etc. And you’ll also see some images that are overly retouched and no longer look real. Skin is too smooth, teeth are too white, people are too glamorized, etc.

When we’re doing this work, where do we draw the line? How far should we go? After almost 30 years of doing this kind of work, we have a very good idea of what is appropriate in various situations. We understand the difference between an executive portrait and a Hollywood glamour shot and have done many of each.  Most of our clients agree with our judgment on these issues. But not all do. Some want us to go further and do more retouching. Others want us to back off somewhat and restore more of the original imperfections.

Since the headshot we’re working on is your shot, we respect your opinions. And we will do it your way. Here’s how it works. When you get the retouched proof in your email, just look it over.  If you see changes you would like us to make, let us know and we’ll send you a revised proof.  Only when you’re happy with your proof, will we prepare your final files. The whole process usually takes only a day and the same day if you’re on a deadline.


John did my graduation portrait for nursing school! His skills are very advanced and my headshot turned out exactly how I wanted. Thanks John!
Clare Brennan

business headshot
professional headshot for lawyer
Darilyn pharmacist professional headshot
Studio headshot of Darilyn with laboratory background
professional headshot for Chicago lawyer
corporate headshot
professional headshot for lawyer
CEO corporate headshot with composited background
Professional headshot for lawyer

What You’ll Get From Your Session

You’ll get digital files of your retouched headshot in a variety of formats and sizes, e.g. high-res color and black-and-white, low-res color and black-and-white, a file for making self-service prints, a file for your Linked In profile, etc. But that’s just the beginning.

You’ll have a photo that strengthens your professional image, builds your brand, shows you as a successful, friendly, and trustworthy professional, a competent person people will want to do business with. And it will show you care about your work and your career.  If you’ve had problems in the past with your profile image, we’ll work together to provide you with a headshot you can be proud of.

You are the best.  Thank you for your attention to detail, great work and quick turnaround.  Wish I had met you years ago to document more of my professional life – and to hear your great stories.  I may come back later this summer for more shots…  Best, Jeff
Jeff Torres

Big Discounts for Groups

If your company has more than one person needing headshots, just ask for a quote. For large groups, the fee can be as low as $25 per person

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