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Business Headshot Photography in Chicago

We specialize in business headshot photography for executives and professionals. We’ll make your business headshot look successful and upscale. You’ll get a shot that makes you look attractive, competent, and trustworthy.

We do shots for websites, social media, especially LInkedIn, public relations, and print use. You can do your shoots in your offices or conference rooms. Or you can shoot in other locations, such as lobbies or buildings, or even outside.

Some of the shots we do, headshots and groups, are done as composites. We shoot the people in one place, e.g. a conference room, and combine them with a background, e.g. an outside corporate setting. It all depends on what kind of look you need.

If you’re the subject we’re going to shoot, we’ll make the process painless. In fact, many of our subjects were surprised how easy we made it and have told us so. You can do some traditional looks, and if you like, you can try some creative versions as well.

We’ll accept your input and combine it with our 31 years of experience. You’ll get plenty of photos to choose from for your business headshot portrait, and then we’ll retouch it for a successful, upscale look, giving you as much or as little retouching as you prefer. The retouching process is completely custom. The finished image will look worthy of appearing in a top national magazine

We use all our skills to make you look successful, at the top of your game, a leader in your field. And the way we do it, business portraits are fun!

To make an appointment or to ask a question, call John at 312-399-6342. The fee for a single headshot on location is $250  and in the studio at 180 N. LaSalle, the fee is only $175.  Big discounts apply if there are additional people. With very large shoots, the per-person cost could be as low as $25, and less if you don’t want retouching.

Casual business headshot
formal business headshot

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