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Where can I do my headshot?

You can shoot in our downtown headshot studio at 180 N. LaSalle, in the North Loop across the street from the Thompson Center State of Illinois building.

Or if you prefer, we can shoot on location in your offices or outside. Sometimes we shoot in hotel rooms or at convention sites.

How long does the headshot session take?

If you’re in a hurry, you can be done in 15 min. But if you would like to take your time and try several variations, there’s no rush. Take all the time you like. On the average, sessions last about 30 min.


How much will it cost?

The fee for a studio headshot is $185. Location shoots cost $250. There is a big discount if we’re doing groups of people. In each case, there is no limit on variations or poses.


How fast do I get my proofs?

Your online proof gallery will be up shortly after the session, typically in less than an hour.


How many poses can we do?

There is no limit on poses or variations. Do as many as you like. Try different variations. Our goal is to provide you with many choices to select from.

Can I bring in an extra outfit?

Sure. Some men bring in extra ties, jackets, or shirts. Women bring in extra blazers, blouses, dresses, etc. This enables you to have more choices to see and to do shots for different purposes, e.g. formal and casual. Sometimes the extra looks come in handy for future uses.


How many finished images do I get?

You can have hi-res and/or low-res copies of all images. One image of your choice will be fully retouched. Retouching of extra images is $25 each.


Which format does the finished image come in?

The retouched images are provided in several formats. You’ll get hi-res color and black-and-white for print use. And you’ll get low-res color and  black-and-white for internet use. You also get files for LinkedIn and for making self-service prints.


Do you shoot outside?

Sure, weather permitting.


Which backgrounds can I get?

You can have any background you like. Various kinds of studio backgrounds and office backgrounds are available. It’s a totally custom process. You can see different variations before making your final choice. You can even change it later after getting your final images.


How fast can you turn it around?

If you’re on a deadline, you can get your final images the same day, sometimes only hours after your shoot. No extra charge for rush service.


 How much retouching is included?

The retouching on the image of your choice is fully custom. You can have as much or as little as you like. Once you see your retouched proof, you can ask for revisions. Most people are very happy with the first version, but some want additional retouching and others want to back off somewhat on some of the retouching. No problem. Some people want a more natural look and some want a more idealized look. We’ll happily accommodate whatever preferences you have.


How should I prepare for the session?

More preparation generally leads to better results. Here are some things to consider in preparation:

• Hair & grooming – Neat and successful looking

• Wardrobe – Upscale and appropriate to your field and position

• Make-up for women – Clean and understated

• Men’s facial hair – Well-trimmed

• Consider the purposes of the shot

• Consider the types of shots you might need

• Get plenty of sleep the night before.

• Practice your looks and expressions – You can practice in the mirror or with a friend and a smart phone.




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