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New Brand Builder Service

Which one of your headshots is the best choice for your personal brand image?

One of the most important elements of your personal brand as well as your company brand is your headshot. Maybe they shouldn’t be that important, but they are.

After a shoot, many of my clients have a hard time narrowing down their picks. It’s not the one they like best that they should be using. It’s the one that makes the best impression on their target audience. So I developed a unique service to solve these problems.

After a shoot, instead of picking out the image you will be using, I would like you to select the three best. You would send me the numbers of your selections along with 3-5  names and email addresses of friends and associates.  I will do a quick clean-up on each of the three and send them to the names on your list asking for their recommendations.

Then I’ll make the final pick based on their recommendations. Then I’ll provide my custom retouching to that image. People usually like to be asked for their advice, so most will cooperate. I’ll promise to keep their comments private, even from you. But you’ll know that their is some support out there for the image you are using from people who are not as close to it as you are.

Of course, if you don’t like this procedure, you can still make the final selections and I’ll clean those up.

This service is totally FREE!

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