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When scheduling a photo session for your firm, you’ll have several concerns. The most important is probably whether the shots will look appropriate for your needs.

You’ve seen headshots on websites done by non-commercial photographers that look silly or tacky, where the look should have been more corporate. Or you’ve seen shots that are very conservative and traditional, but they were done for a video games developer that needed an edgier look.

That’s why we work with you to provide an appropriate look that’s right for your company. It’s not one size fits all. And if you’re not exactly sure, what that look should be, we’ll advise you on the basis of our long experience in advertising, public relations, and marketing.

We will make sure your people are comfortable. Our experience shooting fashion and celebrities helps us keep the session light and enjoyable.

For the polished, upscale look, your headshots will need retouching. We provide excellent, affordable retouching services for our clients. And there’s no charge for full, custom retouching of the image of your choice.

When it comes to retouching, different clients have different ideas on how the images should look. Some want them more polished, others might want them more natural, etc. No problem. We’ll do it your way.

The essence of our approach is to keep everything custom, the scheduling, the shooting, and the retouching. We satisfy your needs and don’t ask you to conform to ours.

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