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Upscale professional portraits since 1987.

About Us

I’m based in downtown Chicago, and I’ve been shooting for law firms since 1987. I shoot mostly in Chicago, but also in New York City and Washington, D.C. My first big client in the field was Latham & Watkins (3 offices), and I shot for them for about 20 years.

I shoot mostly professional portraits for new hires, lateral hires, and partner updates used in firm directories, and now mostly for online use on the firms’ websites and intranets. I’ve covered mock trials and events for national and international associations of lawyers, especially in the area of intellectual property. I’ve done evidentiary and forensic photography, such as examples of trademark and trade dress infringement and three-dimensional models for trial.

I’m good at making people in the profession feel relaxed and comfortable and am often complimented that I made the process a lot more pleasant than was anticipated. It comes easy to me, probably because I have worked with so many lawyers and have close friends and relatives who are lawyers.

I know the kinds of looks they need and can guide the attorneys and firm administrators through the process. When they have adopted a style for their branding, I can comply with it. If they need help developing that style, I can work with them to create it. The eye I developed in fashion photography along with the retouching skills enable me to give my images a strong upscale look.


Here are some of our clients in the legal profession:

  • Nixon Peabody
  • Latham & Watkins (several offices)
  • Locke Lord
  • Hepler Broom
  • Keller & Lenz Calvo
  • Kryder Law Firm
  • Fox, Hefter, Swibel, Levin & Carroll
  • Boundas, Skarzynski, Walsh & Black
  • Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co.
  • Claussen Miller
  • Kutak Rock
  • Riemer & Braunstein
  • Lawson Law Group
  • Trapp & Geller
  • Barnow & Associates
  • Ladas & Parry
  • Santilli Law Group
  • Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig
  • Delaney Delaney & Voorn
  • Inman & Fitzgibbons
  • Harrison & Held
  • Snow & Snow
  • Howrey
  • Atttorney General Jim Ryan
  • Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
  • Global Immigration Associates
  • Plunkett Cooney
  • Amerian Association of Law Libraries
  • Cunningham Lopez
  • Cavanagh Law Group
  • Thomas M. Tully & Associates
  • Healy Scanlon Law Firm
  • Scott & Stevens


John Manning, owner

John was a great photographer! I really enjoyed working with him and I appreciate how prompt and professional he was. His responsiveness was excellent and he always remained patient, even with my many requests and emails. Thank you again!

Annie M. Leger

Business Development Specialist, Nixon Peabody

Thanks John ….. Good photos, we are lucky to have you on our side…. you are the best. Thanks so much…. How smart you were to take the color. Happy summer.
Joyce Simon

Business Development Manager, Latham & Watkins

We found John very professional and accommodating. He made arrangements to come to our office and for those who could not make it on that day he worked out a schedule with them to go to his studio, which is conveniently situated down-town. He was quick and organized. His portraits were wonderful and not one of our attorneys was disappointed. It was very easy and I recommend John very highly.
Sue Held

Harrison & Held

Why Choose Us?

  • We make attorneys and staff feel relaxed and comfortable. This leads to better results and a more pleasant experience.
  • We make it easier for firm administrators to schedule shoots, deliver needed file formats, retrieve lost or missing image files, and to work with the needs and preferences of people we’re shooting.
  • We make images conform to the firm’s style guidelines as well as making them look upscale and professional. If the firm does not already have a unified branding look, we will work with you to create one.
  • Our retouching is fully customized and the best there is! We’ll fix problems with expression and grooming as well as problems with wardrobe. We never stop until the subjects are totally pleased with their pictures.
  • Our fees are reasonable and competitive.

Our Services

Professional Portraits

We shoot individual and group portraits on location, usually in an office or conference room. You are able to view the proofs later that day or the next day. Once you make your selection, we provide you with a retouched version. We then make any revisions you might request, providing more retouching or less retouching as you prefer.

Event Photography

We cover social and professional events such as association meetings, parties, mock trials, etc. We’ve covered national and international associations of lawyers in various venues.

Digital Retouching

Our retouching is of the highest quality. We not only make our people look good, but we keep it all looking natural. Each job is customized to the preferences of our clients. Some want us to go furthers; others want us to back it off somewhat. Attention to details in grooming and wardrobe is critical to our success. We don’t send the final files until the client is thoroughly pleased with the result.

Evidentiary &  Forensic Photography

Some of our assignments have been to gather photographic evidence of trademark and trade dress infringement, usually at tradeshows. We’ve also documented 3-dimensional models prepared for trial.


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professional headshot for lawyer
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at BSWB
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Nixon Peabody
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Locke Lord
Lawyer at Locke Lord
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Partner at Hiltz & Wantuch
professional headshot law firm partner
Partner at Hiltz & Wantuch
Attorney at Latham & Watkins
Attorney at Nixon Peabody
Attorney at Nixon Peabody
Attorney at Locke Lord
Intellectual property lawyer at Ladas & Parry
Attorney at Locke Lord
Attorney at Latham & Watkins
Attorney at Latham & Watkins
Group portrait of attorneys at Trapp & Geller
Meeting of International Assoc. of Intellectual Property Lawyers
Professional headshot for partner in law firm
Attorney at Latham & Watkins
attorney headshot
attorney headshot Nixon Peabody
attorney headshot Inman & Fitzgibbons
attorney Locke Lord
attorney Locke Lord
attorney Kutak Rock
group portrait of lawyers at Ladas & Parry
Partner at Inman & Fitzgibbons
Partner at Kutak Rock
Meeting of intellectual property lawyers
Zach Fardon thumbnail
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Lawyer at Latham & Watkins
Attorney at Ladas & Parry
Attorney at Nixon Peabody
Attorney at Latham & Watkins
Attorney at Locke Lord
Attorney at Nixon Peabody
Attorney at Locke Lord
Lathan & Watson partner Sean Berkowitz
Meeting of intellectual property lawyers
professional portraits of judge

Our Fees

Our fees are reasonable and competitive. The fee for one professional portrait on location, e.g. in your office or conference room, is $250, and in our studio at 180 N. LaSalle St. the fee is only $150 complete. The fees include the shoot, two variations, unlimited poses, full retouching, any revisions that might be requested, and preparation of the final files. These include hi-res and low-res black-and-white and color, as well as a variety of other file sizes and types.

Fees for sessions with more than one person are quoted based on the number of people. In addition to the fee for the first one, there is a much smaller fee for each additional person. For large groups, it can be as low as $20 per person. Feel free to email or call for an exact quote. Retouching of extra images or images we did not shoot is $25 per image.


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